02 Feb

GEM 2015 Global report coming soon

GEM Boston 2016

GEM Bulgaria’s team is attending the GEM consortium Global conference in Boston, 3-6 February 2016 with teams from more than 60 countries- part of GEM. During the conference,  the next GEM Global report will be officially launched. It will be the first report where Bulgaria will feature and is a very important event for the Bulgarian entrepreneurship ecosystem and its role internationally.

It was only possible to get to this stage with the efforts of our team, our experts‘ panel, our vendor Market Test and the moral and financial support of Telerik – a Progress company .

We will be sharing the news on our website and social media.

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Stay tuned!

GEM Bulgaria
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29 Jul

GEM in comparison with other studies of entrepreneurship


GEM is not the only study on entrepreneurship in the world – other big surveys are the OECD/ Kauffman Entrepreneurship Indicators Program, the World Bank Global Entrepreneurship Survey; and the Eurobarometer Survey on Entrepreneurship.

The main advantages of GEM are that the purpose-build surveys are annual and global, which makes the data comparable. This is priceless when one monitors and analyses tendencies according to the type of economic development. The GEM methodology also allows countries to partner up and share and adapt best practices.

What makes the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor unique?

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22 Jul

The three main objectives of GEM



The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has been established with three objectives in mind:

  • To measure differences in the level of entrepreneurial activity between countries – using one methodology for all participating countries delivers data for reliable comparison year by year and between countries. This is a key characteristic of our tool and the method is constantly being improved.
  • To uncover factors leading to appropriate levels of entrepreneurship – we collect data on individuals aspirations, attitudes as well as of the specifics of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. The expert analysis of the collected data gives an answer which factors affect globally and locally the environment – on individual level as well the framework conditions.
  • To suggest policies that may enhance the national level of entrepreneurial activity – the third objective which is a product of the first two -to produce GEM’s annual reports which analyse the data and give recommendations which would improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem short-term and/or long-term, if implemented. The following annual follow-up survey allows us to track the progress and effect of the implementation of our recommendations.

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15 Jul

The nine entrepreneurial framework conditions


The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor conducts two surveys: data on individuals 18-64 (Adult Population Survey APS) and survey on experts’ opinions (National Experts Survey NES). While APS explores the attributes, attitudes and activities of the individuals, NES studies the experts’ opinion of the state of the entrepreneurial framework conditions.

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08 Jul

Introduction to GEM

GEM map

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor began in 1999 as a joint project between Babson College (USA) and London Business School (UK).

GEM is the largest regular study of the dynamics of the entrepreneurship, whose data and analyses are used by international, regional and national organisations including the European Commission.  GEM is the richest resource of information on the subject, publishing a range of global, national and ‘special topic’ reports on an annual basis.

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24 Jun

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Млад предприемач

The entrepreneurial activity is part of a complex mechanism involving many activities that seemingly have no direct connection, but are actually indispensable and important part of this mechanism. All the elements that work together to enable entrepreneurship and add value to the economy and society build the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
The definition of entrepreneurship—in the context of understanding its role in economic growth—is as follows:

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08 Jun

Call for guest blog posts

GEM Bulgaria is inviting current undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, PhD students and scholars who may be interested to write for our blog on entrepreneurial topics based on GEM data.

Posts will be posted in Bulgarian and English.

Note: Please, note that at present GEM does not have Bulgarian data. GEM Bulgaria is performing its first surveys in April-June 2015.

Disclaimer: GEM Bulgaria will not pay fees to authors.

For more details about the call please email office@gemorg.bg with Subject ”Guest Blog writing” for GEM and send us info about your background, interests, previous examples of writings and motivation to write blog posts for GEM Bulgaria. This call is open until further notice.