27 Nov

GEM Bulgaria Awards 2017

For a second year in a row, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Bulgaria presented  its Annual entrepreneurship awards to people, teams or organisations which positively impacts the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

“GEM Bulgaria was provoked to establish its Annual entrepreneurship awards by an identified need, arising in our annual report – the lack of enough good examples”, shared Mira Krusteff, vice-chairman of GEM Bulgaria. “The change would not happen in a couple of days, the media play an important role,  however, each person is a media – each one of us is responsible to be a good role model, to share good examples, so they can become contagious”.

2017 Awards winners:

  • Comeback of the year: George Parvanov of CTeam 
  • Media product:  Start -up Show of Start-up Foundation 
  • NGO initiative: Teach for Bulgaria 
  • Partnership – public/private/ NGO: Grajdanite 
  • Social entrepreneurship: Social Tea House, Varna
  • Public sector initiative: the legal amendments, concerning entrepreneurship education in primary school, Milena Damyanova, Education and Science parliamentary committee
  • Overall contribution to the entrepreneurship ecosystem: JEREMIE Initiative, EIF

Video from the awards ceremony can be found on GEM Bulgaria Facebook page. 

The latest GEM Bulgaria annual report on entrepreneurship 2016/17 can be downloaded here.

22 Nov

GEM Bulgaria second Annual conference “Entrepreneurship: path to positive change”

GEM Bulgaria organised its second annual conference for entrepreneurship in cooperation with Capital newspaper. The event took place in Sofia at the House of Europe on October 20th.  The conference gathered entrepreneurs, state and municipality administration representatives, investors, non-government organisations, academic and financial institutions, embassies, funds and media.

The participants discussed entrepreneurship-relevant topics and gained an insight about the factors that hinder or support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.  During the conference prof. Veneta Andonova and Mira Krusteff presented the new GEM National report on entrepreneurship in Bulgaria 2016/17.

Georg Raab from DG Growth of the European commission delivered a presentation about funding opportunities through the instruments of the commission. Ylva Skoogberg from Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Public affairs consultant revealed why policies should be based on data evidence and how Sweden is applying good practices, based on the expertise of GEM Sweden in its work with the stakeholders.

On a separate panel, moderated by Diana Nikolaeva from EY Bulgaria, representatives of successful Bulgarian start-ups from various sectors  focused on strategies for sustainable growth and internationalisation.

The event was closed by Iskren Krusteff, Chairman of GEM Bulgaria, and his speech on entrepreneurial values.

The guests of the conference had a chance to learn about various novel good practices, applied worldwide. We followed at each step the path to positive change and provoked ideas, viable in practice and applicable in different areas and sectors.

GEM Bulgaria annual conference was co-organised with Capital newspaper and with the institutional support of the European commission representation in Bulgaria. Partners of the event were EY Bulgaria and Superhosting.

Video recording of the conference can be found on our Facebook page.


15 Jun

Your support to the entrepreneurship ecosystem

GEM Bulgaria annual fund

GEM Bulgaria Annual Fund brings together individuals, institutions and companies who want to make a difference to the Bulgarian entrepreneurship ecosystem and invest in the future of Bulgaria.


Make Bulgaria attractive for living and doing business through social and economic transformation within a balanced entrepreneurship ecosystem

See how you can support us!

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08 Mar

Bulgaria makes second appearance in the Global GEM report

You can download the press release at the end of the article:


More Than Half of All Entrepreneurs Expect to Create Jobs in the Next Five Years

The 2016/17 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reports that entrepreneurship is on the rise globally and that building a positive global entrepreneurial ecosystem is key for job creation.

Fifty-five percent of entrepreneurs worldwide expect to create at least one job in the next five years – this according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016/17 Global Report released with sponsors Babson College, Universidad Del Desarrollo, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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08 Feb

GEM Bulgaria’s Management Team Grows

We would like to welcome our new team members Iskra Yovkova and Natanail Stefanov who have taken over the operational management of GEM Bulgaria as of December 2016. We are pleased that they decided to focus their energy and passion, knowledge and professional expertise in the advancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

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15 Nov

Bulgaria appears, does not drop in global index on entrepreneurship – GEDI index

Due to some publications in the media with regards to the GEDI index on entrepreneurship, GEM Bulgaria would like to clarify the presented information and messages.
Bulgaria is at #82 place according to the global ranking of entrepreneurship 2017 by the GEDI methodology. It is very important to point out that it is not, in fact, a drop, but a baseline for our country according to GEDI, as the previous #46 place was based on averaged data from Romania and Montenegro from previous periods which GEDI has acknowledged this as well. GEM Bulgaria collected its own data collection in 2015, which combined with other information chosen by GEDI puts Bulgaria at #82 place.
GEM Bulgaria produced its first GEM data in 2015, which was now combined with the other indicators chosen by the GEDI index to conclude #82 place. As the GEM Bulgaria 2015/16 report states, it is crucial to look at the full picture of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to get a full understanding of the environment and the entrepreneurial activity in a country. 

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07 Oct

Three out of four Bulgarians believe that successful entrepreneurs are important for the society

2015-16 GEM Bulgaria reportThe typical Bulgarian entrepreneur is aged between 35 and 44 years and is particularly wary of recruitment, according to the first annual report of the organization

57.5% of the adult population in Bulgaria see entrepreneurship as a good career choice, while 71.5% agree that successful entrepreneurs enjoy high status. This shows the first national report oof the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Bulgaria, officially presented on 3 October in Sofia. Read More

09 Sep

Successful Investors Will Discuss the State of Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria

GEM Bulgaria Annual Conference 2016

Successful investors, researchers of entrepreneurship around the world, young people with ideas, experts from institutions, policy makers and many representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem will meet on 3rd and 4th of October at the Rainbow Plaza, Sofia. The Bulgarian office of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) will host its first annual conference under the motto “Entrepreneurship: Trends, impact, growth”, organised jointly with Capital Weekly.

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01 Jul

UK entrepreneurs brace for BREXIT

As the market flounders in the wake of last week’s seismic Brexit vote, a UK academic and entrepreneurship expert has said that UK entrepreneurs have what it takes to ride out the Brexit blues.

According to Professor Jonathan Levie, Director of Teaching at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde, two thirds of UK entrepreneurs currently sell their products beyond the UK’s shores, which means that they are unlikely to escape the effects of the referendum.

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15 Jun

Bulgaria putting the basis for social entrepreneurship as a vehicle of social change

Forthcoming development of a procedure defining social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria and facilitate its funding establishment

The number of entrepreneurs who are focused on the creation of wealth for the society are growing. This is evident from a special report on global social entrepreneurship prepared by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). The results were presented during an afternoon session on the topic of “Global trends in social entrepreneurship” organized by GEM Bulgaria in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sofia.

The report is the largest comparative study of social entrepreneurship on a global level, based on interviews with around 170,000 adults in 58 economies. “What the Dutch Government learned from the study on entrepreneurship is that customers and investors should be more aware of the activity and specificity of socially oriented organizations. They should be aware of the issues being solved, thanks to them, and take into account their work practices in obtaining funding and assessing their impact in the society”, said Jacqueline Snijders, Director of the Dutch consulting company Panteia, who was a special guest of the event.

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