22 Jul

The three main objectives of GEM



The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has been established with three objectives in mind:

  • To measure differences in the level of entrepreneurial activity between countries – using one methodology for all participating countries delivers data for reliable comparison year by year and between countries. This is a key characteristic of our tool and the method is constantly being improved.
  • To uncover factors leading to appropriate levels of entrepreneurship – we collect data on individuals aspirations, attitudes as well as of the specifics of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. The expert analysis of the collected data gives an answer which factors affect globally and locally the environment – on individual level as well the framework conditions.
  • To suggest policies that may enhance the national level of entrepreneurial activity – the third objective which is a product of the first two -to produce GEM’s annual reports which analyse the data and give recommendations which would improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem short-term and/or long-term, if implemented. The following annual follow-up survey allows us to track the progress and effect of the implementation of our recommendations.

The tools to achieve these objectives are the annual surveys by country – Adult Population Survey and National Experts Survey, which culminate in the three types of reports:

At the beginning of each year GEM published its Global report which analyses the collected data from the previous year in the nearly 100 participating countries. Soon afterwards the National teams tart publishing their National reports. Along those reports, the Consortium publishes several Special topic reports.


We will share highlights from our GEM reports in the following weeks.


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