15 Jul

The nine entrepreneurial framework conditions


The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor conducts two surveys: data on individuals 18-64 (Adult Population Survey APS) and survey on experts’ opinions (National Experts Survey NES). While APS explores the attributes, attitudes and activities of the individuals, NES studies the experts’ opinion of the state of the entrepreneurial framework conditions.

The entrepreneurial framework conditions according to GEM are nine:

  1. Entrepreneurial Finance             
  2. Government Policy
  3. Government Entrepreneurship Programmes
  4. Entrepreneurship Education
  5. Research & Development Transfer
  6. Commercial & Legal Infrastructure
  7. Market openness
  8. Physical Infrastructure
  9. Cultural & Social Norms


In order to develop and foster healthy environment the conditions should work in sync and be constantly optimised.

The ability to compare those nine conditions in combination with data from the APS data, year by year, by country or region, makes GEM a highly-quoted resource for trends and dependencies between the factors that influence the entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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