GEM data

GEM Bulgaria collects on an annual basis data using two types of surveys: Adult Population Survey (APS), National Expert Survey (NES).

Adult Population Survey (APS)

measures the level and nature of entrepreneurial activity. It is administered to a representative national sample of at least 2000 respondents

National Expert Survey (NES)

monitors the factors that are believed to have a significant impact on entrepreneurship, known as the Entrepreneurial Framework Conditions (EFCs). It is administered to a minimum of 36 carefully chosen experts in each country

The consortium has the following Data Release Policy:

  1. All country specific data is restricted to the individual country team, coordination team, and special topic teams prior to the global press release event, usually in February following the year of the data collection.
  2. Master data files, where the country is the unit of analysis and the individual respondent and expert data is summarized for each country, are provide to all national teams as soon as they are prepared, prior to the public release of the Global Report.
  3. The country specific data related to the adult population surveys, expert questionnaires, or expert face to face interviews are to be provided only to the respective national teams, GEM coordination, and any special topic teams for 12 months following the press conference.
  4. One year after this global press conference, the consolidated data files (all respondents for all countries) are to made available to all GEM national teams.
  5. Three years or 37 months after the global press release, all data files are to be placed in the public domain, beginning with the public side of the GEM website.

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