29 Jul

GEM in comparison with other studies of entrepreneurship


GEM is not the only study on entrepreneurship in the world – other big surveys are the OECD/ Kauffman Entrepreneurship Indicators Program, the World Bank Global Entrepreneurship Survey; and the Eurobarometer Survey on Entrepreneurship.

The main advantages of GEM are that the purpose-build surveys are annual and global, which makes the data comparable. This is priceless when one monitors and analyses tendencies according to the type of economic development. The GEM methodology also allows countries to partner up and share and adapt best practices.

What makes the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor unique?

  1. Global coverage – so far in 100 countries, only the WB survey is global+
  2. Longest track record of surveying entrepreneurship – since 1999+
  3. Annual surveys, just as with the OECD, but unlike the Eurobarometer+
  4. Unit of analysis is the individual and not the company, only Eurobarometer does that
  5. Focus of the study are all participants in the entrepreneurship process, not just Limited companies, employers or self-employed+
  6. Joint reports with the World Economic Forum and Endeavor+
  7. Data is used to create other indices, e.g. GEI+
  8. Data is used by the European Commission to form the Entrepreneurship chapter in the Factsheets of the EU countries; OECD also uses GEM data+
  9. Each year GEM produces additional global reports on special topics, such as Women’s report, Entrepreneurship education, Social entrepreneurship, High-impact entrepreneurship+
  10. The national reports are produced by the national teams which makes the experts’ selection, the data analysis and recommendations homegrown and close to each country’s ecosystem

In a way, the surveys are not in competition, because each of them studies a different viewpoint of the entrepreneurship and the whole picture may well be their combination according to the needs, which is supported by the number of joint initiatives, reports, formal partnerships and information connections, where the real winners are the entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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