14 Jul

Call for papers: The Entrepreneurship of the future


Emerging technologies regularly serve as enabling forces for economic transformation, new venturing opportunities, industry disruption, and even social revolution or improved quality of life (Cohen & Amorós, 2014). From the printing press in the 15th century to semiconductors in the 20th century, innovators have collaborated to create tools for disrupting the status quo, serving as a generative force for thousands of future innovators and entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the pace of technological innovation—particularly digital innovation—has accelerated at unprecedented rates (Nylén & Holmström, 2015). Unfortunately, management and entrepreneurship scholars are frequently quite late to the party when it comes to emerging transformational technologies and their capacity to serve as generative mechanisms for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities. This suggests the prospect of developing novel and dynamic entrepreneurship research in new greenfield spaces (Shepherd, 2015).

This special issue aims to resolve sizable research deficits on some of the most important emerging trends shaping entrepreneurship in this decade, for example Bitcoin, Blockchain, the sharing economy and smart cities.

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Important Dates

– 300 word abstracts: 30 September 2016.
– Invited full papers for submission: 13 January 2017
– Optional paper workshop, Barcelona: 24 February 2017
– Final submission: 10 March 2017
– Target publication: November/December 2017