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GEM Bulgaria annual fund

GEM Bulgaria Annual Fund brings together individuals, institutions and companies who want to make a difference to the Bulgarian entrepreneurship ecosystem and invest in the future of Bulgaria.


Make Bulgaria attractive for living and doing business through social and economic transformation within a balanced entrepreneurship ecosystem

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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Bulgaria is part of the multinational Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Consortium since 2015. The consortium has 17 yrs record as the largest and foremost study of the entrepreneurship in the world, have collected data from more than 100 countries by interviewing over 120,000 individuals and over 2,000 experts each year. GEM’s global, national and special reports are read by hundreds of thousands of people and used on a global, regional, national and organisational level for policy making, education transformation, innovation and R&D transfer, cultural change, media formats, mentorship and investment for many needs of the stakeholders.

For the entrepreneurship to thrive, the actors in the local ecosystem should work in symbiosis and its direction should be driven by evidence and practice. GEM Bulgaria has a role in both by providing solid evidence-based analysis and recommendations to all stakeholders by insights in the individuals’ aspirations and activity and the business climate; also promoting the best of the local ecosystem and introducing world class practices and network from abroad.


As part of a global consortium, we gather annual primary data for the Bulgarian entrepreneurship ecosystem, perform benchmark analysis across countries and regions and identify factors that foster entrepreneurship. We produce and communicate recommendations to stakeholders in order to improve the conditions for living and doing business in Bulgaria.

In order to continue to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to bring good practices from other countries and introduce world-class policies and networks we need your support.  

You can indicate one or more preferred area for your support, aligned with our priorities:

  1. ANNUAL GATHERING OF DATA AND OWN REPORT ON THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEM: using the GEM methodology and its two annual instrumental surveys – of 2,000 individuals and 36 national experts guarantees that Bulgarian data and insights are available on an annual basis for international and national reports, assessments, EU compliance, funding, policy making, research and key international partnerships for entrepreneurs, local government, universities, sociologists and more. The culmination of these efforts is the launch of our annual report on the state of the entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.
  1. STUDENT SUPPORT: many students from Bulgaria and abroad approach us with a request to use our Bulgarian data for their research, thesis or project. The GEM Consortium has a strict policy that our data files are not public until 3 years after the corresponding annual report. Only national reports show a selection of our data but researchers require raw data. Support for this priority will help those students to complete their research and promote Bulgaria.
  1. SIGNATURE EVENT SERIES: GEM Bulgaria organises an annual event to present our report’s findings and recommendation to the ecosystem’s stakeholders, as well as series of events for better understanding about the climate and actors in Bulgaria; bilateral comparison with other entrepreneurship ecosystems to help Bulgarian entrepreneurs go to other markets; presentation of the GEM special topic reports that the consortium produced which feature the Bulgarian data and provide unique insights on special topics – education, women, finance; Money Talks series where investors pitch their support to startups and scaleups; and more
  1. REGIONAL PROFILES: the GEM methodology allows us to look into the specifics of regional strengths and weaknesses but also go one level deeper from the national perspective. This is particularly useful for regions and towns who want to drive entrepreneurial activity in their area and attract human capital. This activity would include both data gathering and analysis.
  1. FOCUS FOR THE FUTURE: GEM Bulgaria is generating initiatives that will be of key importance for the future of Bulgaria. With our data, national and international network and direct access to best universities and practices around the world, we are in an excellent position to bring innovative or transformative solutions that will improve the living and doing business in Bulgaria. We began with entrepreneurship education and studying the Bulgarian returnees and are seeking support for 5 initiatives altogether.

Note: Support with no preferred designation will be allocated to our discretion.

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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Bulgaria is a non-for-profit body established in 2015 and is a public-benefit organisation, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria on 11.07.2016 with number 20160711031.