28 Jul

Special report on entrepreneurial finance (2015 – 2016)

49558-e1468965011237The global financial downturn has left entrepreneurs more reliant on their own funding while new sources of entrepreneurial finance such as crowdsourcing are also gaining in popularity, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2015-2016 Special Report on Entrepreneurial Finance.

The global financial crisis has left a lingering mark on entrepreneurship across the globe, with the majority of entrepreneurs (95%) relying on their own funding for start-up ventures.

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14 Jul

Call for papers: The Entrepreneurship of the future


Emerging technologies regularly serve as enabling forces for economic transformation, new venturing opportunities, industry disruption, and even social revolution or improved quality of life (Cohen & Amorós, 2014). From the printing press in the 15th century to semiconductors in the 20th century, innovators have collaborated to create tools for disrupting the status quo, serving as a generative force for thousands of future innovators and entrepreneurs.

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01 Jul

UK entrepreneurs brace for BREXIT


As the market flounders in the wake of last week’s seismic Brexit vote, a UK academic and entrepreneurship expert has said that UK entrepreneurs have what it takes to ride out the Brexit blues.

According to Professor Jonathan Levie, Director of Teaching at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde, two thirds of UK entrepreneurs currently sell their products beyond the UK’s shores, which means that they are unlikely to escape the effects of the referendum.

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