24 Jun

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Млад предприемач

The entrepreneurial activity is part of a complex mechanism involving many activities that seemingly have no direct connection, but are actually indispensable and important part of this mechanism. All the elements that work together to enable entrepreneurship and add value to the economy and society build the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
The definition of entrepreneurship—in the context of understanding its role in economic growth—is as follows:

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08 Jun

Call for guest blog posts

GEM Bulgaria is inviting current undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, PhD students and scholars who may be interested to write for our blog on entrepreneurial topics based on GEM data.

Posts will be posted in Bulgarian and English.

Note: Please, note that at present GEM does not have Bulgarian data. GEM Bulgaria is performing its first surveys in April-June 2015.

Disclaimer: GEM Bulgaria will not pay fees to authors.

For more details about the call please email office@gemorg.bg with Subject ”Guest Blog writing” for GEM and send us info about your background, interests, previous examples of writings and motivation to write blog posts for GEM Bulgaria. This call is open until further notice.